Jicara Ornaments Set of 2

Color: White
Sale price$22.00


Nothing makes your Christmas tree stand out more than handmade ornaments. These beautiful, hand-carved beauties depict natural images of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico that include birds, rabbits and flowers.

Each one is carefully carved to achieve the delicate images and details in its final look. They will look stunning on your Christmas tree or placed on a bowl for a sophisticated decorative piece. 

  • Sold in Set of 2 jicara ornaments 
  • Available in white, gold or red
  • Each ornament is one of a kind and will not come in the same size or design.
  • They each vary slightly do to its organic nature


  • made of 100% jicara, or gourd, the dried fruit of calabash tree
  • hand-carved
  • shatter proof
  • super lightweight, wont weight down your tree
  • free of harsh chemicals and color is added using natural dies.  

3-4" in diameter

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