Barro Rojo: Lamp

Sale price$52.00


If you want something artisanal and unique for your home, we got the perfect piece. This piece is beautifully and intricately made to enjoy its final finish. Add a candle and set a tranquil mood in your living room, bedroom or office space. Admire how the light shines through this hand-crafted lamp. 


  • 6.5" diameter x 5.5" tall 


  • Item is led free

  • Item is handcrafted from red clay

Made by Las Mujeres de Barro Rojo, a collaborative group of female artisans located in San Marcos Tlapazola, Oaxaca. These talented women build with an ancient technique and make each piece by hand without a mold or throwing wheel. Building a piece takes 10 days.

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