Corazón Ana Maria 13 Rosas

Color: Gold
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Unique and Large Piece!!

The sacred heart is one of the most common motifs in Mexican folk art. This Giant Hand carved Corazón is crafted for 64 hrs with a rustic design and a decorated with hundreds of Milagritos carefully hammered by handthese accent pieces add artisanal, colorful and richness to your décor. 

Each of this hearts is a unique piece of art, there's no other exactly detail it Corazón.


Hand-crafted by artisans in San Miguel Allende, Mexico. 

Carved out of wood and painted with acrylic paints

Comes with a base and  loop hole on the back for easy hanging. 

Due to item being handmade, each one may vary slightly in design and color.


25" x 21" x 4½"

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