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Our History

Arte Azul Events

Event planning became the means by which we began to bring our passion and ideas to life. In 2015, we founded Arte Azul Events and began to gather ideas, themes we could turn into great celebrations and events for our community. Dia de Muertos as well as cultural paint nights with tequila and mezcal tastings became part of our planning list.

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In 2016, we planned an event centered around Frida Kahlo because she is the perfect example of someone who shared the same passion and pride for the Mexican culture. This festival was a way for us to promote and celebrate our Mexican culture by incorporating elements such as tequila, traditions, food, music and art into one platform. We invite local artists, food vendors, crafters, performing artists and members of our community to all take part in the fun.

Frida Lookalike Contestants at 2016 VIVA FRIDA Festival


With 2020 bringing in so many unexpected incidents, VIVA FRIDA had to innovate and find a new platform to continue sharing its magic. So, we created the VIVA FRIDA online store. Frida inspired creations from artists and vendors from our past events will begin to form part of our inventory. Various different works by artesanos in Mexico will also become available on our commerce platform.

Frida Lookalike Contestants at 2016 VIVA FRIDA Festival

Mexicanidad de Frida

Mexicanidad de Frida is a high-end line within the VIVA FRIDA brand that features Frida inspired artwork, home decor, garden decor, kitchenware and more. Inspired by handcrafted clay pots found in Tlapazola, Oaxaca, talavera from Puebla, and copper from Michoacan, to name a few, this collection features carefully selected items predominantly in neutral tones. Each item is selected with keeping in mind the essence of Frida’s Mexicanidad.

Frida ensured that every aspect of her life- from her home and garden to her paintings, and even the clothes she wore- conveyed her pride of being a mestizo woman of Mexico.

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Frida Lookalike Contestants at 2016 VIVA FRIDA Festival

Future Plans

Our top goal is to open a physical shop that will bring VIVA FRIDA to life in the SF Bay Area. We are currently working to expand our online shop to include more items that you love.

As California begins to open, we look forward to creating more events and possibly adding an event space to our shop.